Friday, May 18, 2012

New Toy!...I Mean Tool....

I found a new toy, um... I mean tool.   It works great too!  Oh, you want to know what it is? what it does?
It helps you carry all those grocery bags!  No more numb fingers or ten trips to the car and back.  I had 4 bags on this one with some juice bottles and some canned goods, soap and assorted other stuff, it felt like I was carrying one bag and not a heavy one either.
You press the button and it opens so you can slide your bag handles on, then release the button and it will lock to keep them from sliding off.  The grip area is very comfortable on your hand and fingers too.  I think these will work great for my cloth bags as well.  They are made of a hard plastic with the grip area being some type of silicone or rubber stuff.
I found them at Big Lots for $1.50 each and I bought 2, one for each hand!
The One Trip Grip made by Sierra Housewares.  They sell them on Amazon but they are $5.49 to $19.31 each.  Or you could get 100 of them for $285!  I'll stick with Big Lots.
Now if I can only remember to keep them in the car I'll be doing well.  Same goes for the cloth bags too.  I do need some plastic sacks though, I use them as trash can liners and for cleaning the litter box.  And I recycle the ones that get holes.

1 comment:

HermitJim said...

Looks like a pretty handy tool to me! I need to get a couple of them for Mom.

This would keep her cane hand free when she id trying to carry more bags than she should!

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