Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Couple of New Lamps to Light My Path

What you see above is one of two oil lamp kits I ordered from Lehmans.  There are 2 parts, one is the #2 brass plated burner on the left and the other is the adapter ring on the right.  
You unscrew the small 'ring' that comes attached to the bottom of the burner (it fits a regular oil lamp) and screw on the adapter ring.
Then it looks like this with the small ring to the right which I'll save in case I ever need it to fit a regular oil lamp.  Now what do I do with the burner?  Hah!
This!  You can fit the burner to any regular mouth mason jar!  I actually have a couple I picked up at the thrift shop that have handles so they could be used as mugs.  But I think lamps will be ever so much handier.  I will need to get some chimneys but one of my favorite thrift shops usually has them and if not Home Depot will.  
I priced oil lamps and the cheapest decent ones I could find were over $30 plus shipping.  The burners were 2.95 each, the adapter  rings were 1.95 each and shipping for 2 of each was 7.95.  I should be able to pick up the chimneys for $2 or less so I figure I paid half the cost of one fancy lamp for 2 and mine will have easy to use handles.
And since the electricity has gone out twice in the last week I think these will come in quite handy.  Lamp oil is on my grocery list too.


Lord Wellbourne said...

To complete the ambiance I'll look around for some whale oil to fill your lamps with.

ladyhawthorne said...

Surely in Maine that should not be too hard? LOL.

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