Sunday, October 23, 2011

Encrusted Crazy Quilting part 1

I am taking sharon b's Encrusted Crazy Quilt class online.  Here's a link to her wonderful blog if you would like to see how an expert does it.  
Most everyone is doing a square as you would in a real quilt but I decided to frame mine and hang it in my bedroom.  Therefore mine is rectangular and I am using an existing frame I have which is a a fairly narrow antiqued gold leaf with curlicues.  I constructed it way back when I was managing a frame shop/gallery.
After looking at it with the focal piece I intend to add, it will be vertical, about 14 x 18.  Mostly purples with lots of glitzy gold pieces, a little turquoise and royal blue and a bit of red.  I have actually added a couple more fancy ribbons to the mix and need to start on the embroidery part.  I am going to try and work on it every night this week.
One piece I cut out of an old project I never finished, and it already has beading on it, is to the left of the gold braid.
Some of the purples are showing as blue.  The triangle with the gold rose outline is a royal purple as is the corrugated fabric in the top left.
The bottom right piece is an almost black indigo blue with a gold metallic floral pattern.
Love the dragonscale netting, I just added it to the top of the tiny stripe which was a silk tie I picked up at the resale shop.
Next post should have some embroidery done on it.  It will be rather fantasy themed as my focal is a bust of a unicorn.  I'm probably going to paint it golden as the white looks a bit odd with all these dark colors.
After I had lunch with my quilting buddy Debra yesterday, I stopped at one thrift store on the way home, all the others were closed already.  I scored this wonderful pile of crocheted edging...all for $1!
Not sure why they added the rickrack to the one but it can easily be removed.
Oh yeah, and this gorgeous Victorian type crocheted collar was part of the lot.  Looks like it was never finished or used...all I need is a button and I think I probably have several thousand to choose from.  It fits too, so I may wear it this winter with some of my new long sleeved cotton tees that need dressing up.  Maybe I need to add some beads to the bottom edge? ;-)
Hope your weekend has been as fun as mine!

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Debra Spincic said...

Some really gorgeous fabrics in your mix. Once you add the embroidery and beading, it is goin to be fabulous!

I remember crocheted collars from the 80s. I wore one in particular all the time-loved it!

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