Monday, September 19, 2011

Heart's Progression Necklace

I'm getting quite a few comments that you really like this necklace I created for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  So I thought I would let you in on a little more of the story behind it.
First, this piece is reversible because all my glass pendants have an image on both sides.  Compare this photo with the one of it in the previous post.  The pendant images are similar, they are both from a mosaic of the wise virgins.  What changes when you wear it is the progression of color in the glass hearts.
Depending on how you look at it the colors of the hearts can progress from the dark to the light or from the light to the dark.
There's a lot of me in this piece, a lot of my emotion is poured into it.  I have recently been through a great change in a long time relationship, things are no longer what they were.  Losing something important is like having a door closed and locked behind you.  From that comes the finding of new experiences beyond the new door that opens in front of you.
So from a deeply colored heart with streaks of red coursing through it like life's blood, the progression moves to a different shade of green with only little blots of life still in it, then to a heart totally see-through, the things that filled it gone.  It progresses to a yet lighter color, more transparent than ever, more fragile, empty, waiting.  Then one day some wholeness returns, not much color but not so fragile either.  Finally the heart progresses to a lovely pure color with a strand of red beating through it once again.
The virgins knew the truth, they held the wisdom of the ages and they were ready when the time came.


Lori Anderson, Pretty Things said...

I like pieces with stories behind them. If you sell pieces like this, you should include a story-card -- really!

I'm taking a class this weekend with Diane Cook to learn to make soldered pendants and I hope with a teacher (as opposed to when I tried to teach myself) I won't burn everything up. Zack is doing some of his abstract drawings for me and those will definitely have some stories behind them!

LOVELY necklace!

Aquariart said...

Very nice - what a beautiful story your piece tells and that pendant is haunting and luminous. Lovely soup!

GlassBeadArt said...

I love this necklace and all the work and reflections you put into it!

EmandaJ said...

Oh my! I'm speechless. I am so move by your deeply meaningful piece. I am so glad I had a part in its making.

You Bead Soup Partner,

Kate said...

It was so nice to hear the story behind this piece. I think pieces that have so much of ourselves are that much more exquisite.

Line Labrecque said...

I love unique pieces like this. Very nice.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Thank you so much for sharing the story... it's as beautiful as the necklace :) Wonderful!!!

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