Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Bead Soup Party is Coming to My House

Twice a year Lori Anderson at Pretty Things hosts a Bead Soup Party.  She pairs up beading bloggers and we we each send some bead soup ( a focal bead, some complimenting beads and a clasp) to our partner and when we get ours we create something beautiful with it!  Then we all share the results on a big blog party.
This is my first Bead Soup Party and my partner is Emanda and her blog is Artemisia's Studio.  She is a woman with many of the same interests as me.  She's fascinated with the middle ages, she loves art, is an artist and art historian and even lives in Texas as I do.  I don't think I could have a better partner!  I love the name of her blog too as Artemisia Gentileschi was a fabulous artist in the 1600's and a woman as well.  There was a movie about her made in 1997 and I enjoyed it even though it may not be totally true to the real story of her life.
Anyway, we have sent each other's soup off in the mail with no dry ice needed to keep it fresh and soon I'll have some new beads to play with and inspire me.  We'll all post our creations on September 17th.  This time Lori has 362 participants!  Wow.  Follow Lori's blog if you would like to participate next time.


Debra Spincic said...

Sounds like fun! I could definitely get into this idea. Is the pic your beads you sent or the ones you received? I hope you'll show progress photos, if that's allowed.

ladyhawthorne said...

The photo is the logo/badge for the event. We can't show the beads we sent as it would spoil the surprise. We will shoe the beads we got once they arrive and on Sept. 17 we will post what we made.

Debra Spincic said...

I'll be watching!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Angela,

Your post snuck in under my radar and I didn't see it until this morning. I got home yesterday from our regular roam (Friday is my sweet hubby's only day off so we spend it together) and -- Lo and behold -- a great package was in the mailbox. It tickles me that we sent soup of a similar color scheme to each other. Love the chain too!

Yep, we have MUCH in common.

Your Soup Buddy,

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