Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have a few phobias as most people do.  I really really hate spiders.  I really, really, really hate heights.  And I have a love/hate relationship with water.
3rd grade summer camp...they attempted to teach me to swim...they did not succeed in even getting me to float.  I am that deathly afraid of water deeper than my knees.  I like being near water and wading but that's it.  I preferred sprinklers to swimming pools as a kid.  Wading pools are ok though :-)
Part of hating heights is also hating bridges and overpasses.  Both of which I have had to deal with, some on a daily basis.  My way to do it is to look at the road and only at the road, if I look anywhere else my stomach does flips and my knees become jello.
So here's what happened the other day when I decided to go out for dinner.  A storm was brewing and I knew I would not get done eating before the rain came so I tried to park in the area behind the restaurant.  Sadly it was all filled.  So I had to use the parking area to the side which means I had to cross a wooden bridge like the one in the photo above.  Its about 20 feet long and about 6 feet above the bottom of the ditch, or as they call it here, gully.  Normally this is no problem as it is a grassy ditch and the bridge is sturdy.
But then the rains came.  And thunder.  And lightening.  I love a good thunderstorm.  But not so much when I went to leave after the rain let up.  That gully is for water runoff.  And it was now full...2 to 4 inches below the bridge full, meaning 6 feet deep full.
As if that was not bad enough, the water was not just sitting there.  Oh, looked like this...
Thank goodness the spaces between the boards were too small to see anything.  But on a bridge that is only 4 feet wide it is hard not to see the water rushing from one side to the other.  I made it, but boy was my heart pounding!
I've had my quota of bridges and deep water this year.


Mac n' Janet said...

I have a terrifying fear of heights, sometimes I just freeze, sit down and refuse to move. One time my husband and I were walking a path that started inland ended up on the coast with a sheer drop-off. I was terriified. Had to look directly at my feet, hold onto him and move slowly forward, It was horrible.
And strangely enough I have a fear of snails.

Branlaadee said...

Glad you made it across the bridge safely!

I have a fear of falling...not to be confused with a fear of heights. I can be high as long as I feel safe. I love looking out windows of tall buildings. I'll even go right up the edge. I love roller coasters. I love standing out mountains overlooking cliffs.

I hate being on a second floor apartment in the kitchen where there is a heavy fridge and stove and dishwasher and the floor is slightly bendy. I panic and cant move.

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