Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Day Weekend of Canning

So far it's a quiet holiday weekend here.  We are in a drought and there is a burn ban on as well as a prohibition of fireworks.  That actually does not bother me, though I like watching fireworks I really don't like the firecrackers for hours on end and that seems to be what the kids here mostly get.  
So with 3 days off I didn't really plan anything.  I have spent today canning and working on some genealogy.  
I had a turkey in the freezer from December so I cooked it this week in the pressure cooker (my oven does not work) and today I have canned the meat and broth.  I also had some tomatoes I picked up from a fellow down the road.
7 pints of turkey to be used in casseroles or turkey salad, 2 quarts & 1 pint of turkey broth with onions, celery & carrot and 1 quart & 1 pint of tomatoes.
I need to see what else in the freezer needs to be canned.  It is hurricane season and they say this looks to be a year when we have one or more.  If so I lose power, usually for a week at a time.  I also loose all food in the freezer and fridge.  It's just the freezer above the fridge so it doesn't hold a lot, but I buy meat when it is on sale and would hate to lose it.   I'll fill the freezer with bags of ice since my ice-maker is so prolific unless I raise the bar thing to turn it off.  At least that will make it more energy efficient. 
Think I'll take myself out for dinner somewhere since I don't want to do any more dishes.  
We'll see what I decide to do tomorrow........


Debra Spincic said...

Losing your food in the freezer is a real pain. It happened to us last hurricane and while I was glad to have the freezer cleaned out, I hated wasting the food.

Still playing with the composition-expect it will take all weekend.

Branlaadee said...

The canning is a great idea! Sometimes I wish I canned, but then I remember how I hated helping my Gma do it. LOL

Glad it's been a quiet weekend for you. Our neighbors are having party that's quite loud and people have been setting off firecrackers all weekend....even though they are illegal here.

Mac n' Janet said...

I make jam and bread but canning is beyond me, I'd worry about giving us ptomaine poisoning.

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