Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thrifted Sterling Silver Jewelry

I have gotten some sterling silver jewelry on my various rounds to thrift shops and they are up for sale either on eBay or in my Etsy store.  This beauty is an amethyst glass and marcasite ring, much sparklier than the photo shows.
More sparkles in this ring, probably crystals or CZs in a pretty leafy pattern.
A lovely purple stone of unknown origins.
Ever popular dolphins!
A  too cute for words Koala!
A funky teddy bear...
and vintage screwback earrings.

Mom sent me a box full of vintage stuff I need to sort and clean, and there are several of the popular owl necklaces in it, one of which is HUGE.
Check out my Etsy store for new Saintly Images pendants too!

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Sea Gypsy said...

I love no.2! I just went to your store and did a little window shopping! I look forward to seeing the cuff you are working on!I was reading some of your past posts. I did not know that about Xmas!

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