Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Inventory at Saintly Images

Here are some of the newer pendants I've made and put up for sale in my etsy shop.
I've made several with images from the impressionists.
More Icons.
Long or square or small.
Some lovely art from India.
Tried my hand at some earrings too.
There's also new things in Vintage Items, visit my shop to see!
I have more to add soon.


Amy said...

Gorgeous stuff!!

Haven't been on for awhile. Bri was sick since Fri. She had a 104.7 temp and getting sick to her stomach. I am tired from lack of sleep, but ok.

I don't remember if I gave you my email

Heard there are great shops in Old Humble. You can get to Old Humble off Beltway 8, right??

We are watching the new TS brewing off FLA. Three of the models bring it into Galveston Bay. Yikes.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Beautiful items, Lady H. Always a joy to see your creative juices flowing and at work!

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