Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Money to Play With

Thought I would show you a piece of what I get to photograph occasionally at work.
This is an authentic Republic of Texas bank note for $50.
We've gotten quite a few ROT notes as well as confederate notes.  Very interesting pieces.  They are all hermetically sealed now by a grading company so they will not disintegrate over time.
Lovely pieces of history!


Nicola said...

Fellow Texan here....from Austin. Love your blog. Interesting picture I have never seen any! Thanks for posting.


Lord Wellbourne said...

I'd never seen ROT currency before! Fascinating. It must be great fun to handle treasures such as this.

ladyhawthorne said...

yeah, too bad I can't afford one

Amy said...

Very cool. Love it.

I hope that my small brush with the edge of the hurricane winds will be the only time. LOL I can wish can't I?? Doesn't it count that it was blowing at 50 MPH??

Have a wonderful day.

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