Saturday, June 26, 2010


Everyday as I peruse blogs and websites I come across photos that inspire me.  They inspire me with their colorations, ingenuity, simplicity, etc.
I save them in a file on the computer and look over them every so often.  They come from everywhere, recently a lot have come from craftgossip
As you can see, my taste is rather varied.
I do think I see a recurring pattern though.
I believe it is color.  Lots of color, rainbows of color.  I seem to be drawn to anything in rainbow color.  
Trust me, my home and closet do not reflect this.  I have color, but not these exuberant rainbow splashes.  I just could not live in that bright a space every day.  I have pockets of intense color though, and 2 favorites: purple and peacock blue.
I am also fascinated by needlework of all kinds, hence the fabulous dolls above.
This incredible piece is a reproduction of a 17th century ladies jacket, part of the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts.  Lovingly recreated by many many needleworkers across the country, it is lavish and gives new insight into what it took to outfit a lady in those days.

The full costume worn by a model.  Much as I hate modern undergarments, I'm not sure I really want to go back to the kind of corsets they wore then.  But the clothing is fabulous and I am so wanting one of those jackets.  It took months to complete this one with people working on it every day, I can only think it would take me the rest of my life and the only time I would be able to wear it would be at my funeral.
Back to the 21st century, I loved this piece of Times Square.
Well, that's a bit of what inspires me artistically and visually, hope you enjoyed the tour.


Lord Wellbourne said...

I am also a big fan of colour--iridescent jewel-tones especially. I think I may have been a peacock in a past incarnation. Your own personality is one of resplendence anyway so it stands to reason you'd appreciate prismatic expression.

Von said...

Ah yes the peacock, that wondrous bird.Had the pleasure of living with one and the bright energy and sudden splashes of colour he brought to life surpassed any other colour experience.
Lovely collection.I enjoy my Flickr favs for the ame reason.
Very good to see the Lord Wellbourne popping up all over the place again..we missed him!

Lord Wellbourne said...

That's me---the international Pop-Tart

ladyhawthorne said...


Amy said...

Saw this, it is wonderful.

Actually, when I wear my civil war period clothes, I am much cooler. Ha Ha I wouldn't mind wearing a shift.

Racaire said...

hehe... seems that you like my photo taken at a church in Santorin... :)
yeah, the color combination of the top is really very lovely... :)

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