Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Baby on the Porch

Look what showed up on our porch this morning!
A little shy but not adverse to some petting.
Probably a girl since she's sort of calico.
I'm thinking her name is Smudges
What do you think?


Jules said...

I think Smudges is an adorable name for an adorable kitty!

Von said...

Nice name I wonder who she belongs to and who is missing her?

ladyhawthorne said...

we have a plethora of neighborhood cats that belong to no one, I'm pretty sure this one doesn't really have a home. I feed most of the strays, including the possum and the raccoon that occasionally visit.

June said...

OOooohhhh, she is beautiful!
I had a dark tortie like her who helped me raise the poodles from teeny puppyhood. Her name was KittyBear and she was a treasure.

rachel said...

I think her temporary name is Newly-Adopted-Hope-An-Owner-Doesn't-Show-Up Little Sweetheart.... you can think of something else when you've got to know her?

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