Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Little Town of Bethlehem

As promised, here are photos of my nativity scene.  I usually put it on the shelves of a bookcase, but opted to set it up with the tree on top of my split level desk which separates the living and dining areas.
I just love the wise men and all their camels.  The are conferring to make sure they are on the right road to find the baby King.
The pieces are from all different places.  I started out with a ceramic set I made and added to it with pieces from Walmart, back when you could just buy the pieces you wanted.  Several years running I bought pieces at the Hallmark shop but they have gotten way too pricey now.
The goats and a ram I got at our local Farmer's Supply, they were part of the farm animal collectible figurines.
I just love the happy innkeeper on the right, his pockets are full because the inn is full and he even rented out the stables!
Watch out, there's a Roman guard reading proclamations again.  But the angels are watching over our babe.
Bethlehem may be small but it sure is busy!
The angels are making music and the shepherd boy is looking at the star in the sky.
I grew up with the nativity scene being placed under the tree, it's a bit hard with my small tree and all the nativity pieces I have, but the desk works fairly well.


June said...

What a great collection you have, and how beautifully arranged!

I see you aren't one of the sticklers who keep the infant out of the manger until Christmas morning. ;-)

ladyhawthorne said...

It would be hard since he is one part with Mary!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Heavens, but Bethlehem has expanded since last I saw it!! Pretty soon there'll be an interstate!! It still looks great. If you're looking for any particular pieces let me know and I'll do my magic in the shops around here.

GooseBreeder said...

Just lovely! Of course I particularly like the goat and ram..any more animals or birds?

ladyhawthorne said...

I would like to have more animals, but finding the right size is a bit hard. I think the goose girl should have more than one and the innkeeper should probably have a good sized flock of chickens. More goats too, for the shepherds. People are always fun to add, townspeople to shop from the potter and the rug salesman, maybe some jewish priests too? But I've never seen any of those...hmmmm.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Email me a 'guestimate' of the sizes--my memory is somewhat hazy. Smaller than a breadbox I know, but somewhere around the size of, say, a matchbox?

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