Thursday, April 16, 2009

Veggies and Flowers and Weeds, Oh My!

I've never tried growing onions before but here they are in their containers which will make it much easier to move them around if needed and saves me from having to buy anything to make a raised bed for them. I think they will go between the peach and lime trees.
My row of tomato plants with a green bell pepper at the far end. The cannas don't seem to get in the way and can help hold the tomato up later. I had a volnteer dill pop up from last year but it was growing in the path so I dug it up and transplanted it. It was pretty wilted looking still but it may bounce back. Mostly I grow dill or fennel for the butterfly larva that love it so.

And look here, I have my first tomato blossom already! On the left side of the stalk. I can taste them now.....

The flower bed at the front by the road has one section that seems to be all pink and purple with the wild buttercups and purple lantana running amok.

The other end is all yellows.

And the middle is all reds. Really, I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. I don't plan my garden, I just pick plants I like and try them out somewhere. It's more like a walk through the woods or fields that way.

The native lantana is just gorgeous this year. Its sometimes called 'yesterday, today and tomorrow' as the flowers change color as they mature going from a peachy color to yellow to pink. These native bushes you just can't kill. I have to cut mine back at least 3 times a year or they take over. Hmmmmm...the plumbagos are doing that too, I need to trim them back again now.

A dear friend gave me this amaryllis several years back. It is one you can't get anymore and I believe he said the name was Johnsons. It has multiplied and I had 3 stalks this year! This is the last of the blooms.

Out in the center of the front garden is this lovely daylilly growing nest to the rosemary...again something I need to cut back again...gee I just did that in the fall, is it time again already? Oh, well I need some more in the kitchen and to dry for soap anyway.
If you haven't checked out my blog list yet, and you are interested in gardening, living simply on less money and being creative and 'green' about it, I highly recommend Down-to-Earth and Life After Money. They are 2 of my favorite blogs and the ladies post every day. Down to Earth is in Australia and Life After Money is in England.

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