Sunday, April 5, 2009

life as I know it

March came and went like a lion and so far April is just as windy. We have had quite a bit of much needed rain but the last couple of days have been beautiful. The blue skies of Texas have been much in abundance.
I was cleaning up the area where the tomato plants are going and right across are the path are the two small fruit trees in tubs. The one above is a peach tree and it is busy making fruit, hopefully we won't have a storm that causes all of it to be lost like last year.

In the other tub is a lemon or lime tree , we can't decide which. The fruit never gets yellow so I believe it is a lime but Charles likes to differ on that. It's his tree so I guess he can call it a lemon if he wants to.
I picked up 5 kinds of tomato plants, I always get a variety to see which does best. Last year the small grape tomatoes did best, we only got about 10 medium sized tomatoes from the other 5 plants. It was way too rainy and they just didn't like it. Then there were the orange bugs I fought, finally taking the vacuum cleaner to them - don't laugh, it worked! I just went out each day and sucked them up.
I did get some cucumber and a bell pepper plant, some onion sets - I've never tried those before - and of course pineapple sage and some thyme. One common sage is still producing a few leaves but I need to move it off the porch.
Charles roofed the porch so I can't grow pots of herbs there anymore, it's way too shady, but it is nice to sit out there even when it rains, and the cats love having a dry place to be also. That's it in the top photo. I still need to clean the side of the house and the old umbrella. The umbrella will move to the other side of the yard near the fire pit.
I have some loofah seeds from the loofah someone gave me and I will be planting them on the back fence which is a 6 ft high chainlink. Hopefully the neighbor's cows won't eat it.
Yes, I said cows. No, we don't live in the country but there is a huge lot behind our trailer park about a city block long and about 150 feet wide. A Hispanic family lives at the front end and they have a young horse, 3 cows and a steer, chickens, a rooster and a dog that herds them all. I rather like having them there, it makes me feel like I might live in the country.... until my trailer park neighbors decide to crank up the Rap on the car stereo while sitting outside. But the joys of living in a trailer park can be for another post. Let's just say life is never dull around here.
I also have some bean seeds left from last year and I will be sprouting them in wet paper towels to see if they are still viable, I'll bet they are. Anyway, the tomatoes go in the ground tomorrow and I have some more cleaning up to do in the yard.
Ahhh, the joys of Spring and gardening chores taking over my life.

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