Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Message from the 9th Century

Words that were written by a 9th century Celtic cleric and philosopher. His name was John Scotius Eriugena.  He writes in his Christmas homily:

"It is the darkest night of the year, the dead of winter. Earth has breathed in her soul. Cut off from the sun's light, she lies silent and closed. Human beings, left to their own resources, are at their lowest ebb. Tempted by matter, deprived of their gods, they yearn for warmth and consolation. Then, suddenly, the new world of Christmas morning breaks forth and the sun of righteousness rises, sounding in the ears of the universe and the hearing of the church, once and for always.

The days grow longer, light returns. The air grows warm with love. The heavenly hosts, the first to know, say to themselves, in the words of St. Origin, "if he has put on mortal flesh, how can we remain doing nothing? Come angels, let us descend from heaven." And so they come down to the shepherds, the angels of judgment become the messengers of praise and announce the coming of Christ, the true shepherd.... And on earth, all creation rejoices in the moment of redemption, the moment so long awaited..."

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Lord Wellbourne said...

Dang clever those Celts.....

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